When I was studying for my TOGAF 9 certification exam, I realised that there wasn’t any FREE website offering a reliable service to try and test your TOGAF 9 knowledge and GET PREPARED FOR THE TOGAF 9 EXAMINATION. For this reason I decided to build a simple test engine using a free PHP solution called Limesurvey to enable the online testing capability, then on top of it, I built a portal. But I decided not to stop there and extend the purpose of the Portal. The Objective of this portal is to spread Enterprise Architecture Best Practice and offer FREE Enteprise Architecture Resources to other Fellow Enterprise Architects TOGAF 9 test questions


Feel free to give it a try and share with me any comment or idea you might have to improve it. I am also happy to collaborate with anyone would like to join me in this new exciting challenge. Click on the picture below to go directly there !

Good Luck for your exam!